Welcome to the Glascher Lab

In our research group we are investigating valuation and social decision-making in humans using a combination of computational cognitive modeling and neuroimaging techniques to uncover how the brain accomplishes these complex and inter-locking computations.

While our primary research focus is on neurocomputational approaches to Theory of Mind and social influence in different social interactions, we are also interested in cross-modal interactions and predictions during value-based decision-making, representational changes during error-induced learning and belief updating, and lesion mapping of cognitive functions. To find out more about on-going projects and the people involved in them, please visit the Research and People pages. Thank you for your interest in our work.


Join our Cognitive Modeling Academy Hamburg in 2022!

Cognitive modeling has become ubiquitous for investigating cognitive processes and their neural representation in the psychological and brain sciences. However, mastering the first step in the field of computational cognitive neuroscience can be a bit overwhelming for interested scientists just entering the field.

The Cognitive Modeling Academy Hamburg aims to ease these initial steps. Our goal is to provide the theoretical background of cognitive modeling in an accessible way. We will guide you through the necessary step of a cognitive modeling study and provide practical exercises along the way for early hands-on experience.

You need more information or want to join? Visit our website.